Tours of international schools in Milan

When moving over with the family, one of the key considerations is the schooling of the children – how do you ensure that moving over for work reasons will not impact negatively on your children’s future.

This is not a concern when moving to a city like Milan, where there a number of international schools, most following the English curriculum, and with lessons taught in English. These children will also be in classes with other kids who have a similar background, along with some Italian children.

With fees comparable to public schools in the UK, these schools have the feel of a prestigious school, and there are options available from primary school age up to university age.

Milan Relocations will happily provide you with information (brochures and a comparison), between the 2/3 schools most suited to your requirements, and then take you on a visit to the schools that most interest you, where you can get a feel for the place, and ask any questions you like with the school representatives.