Life in Milan – Lunch with an expat

One of our most popular services, lunch with an expat allows you and your family to meet with one of our English or American agents who currently live in Milan.

Although you will enjoy a delicious 3 course meal in a highly-rated restaurant near your chosen area of Milan, the real benefit of these lunches is that you get to talk through the key considerations you have regarding your new life in Milan.

You’ll be talked through many nuances and habits the Italians may have, how to order in restaurants, do you leave a tip, how do you call a taxi, how safe is the area at nighttime, how can I watch British television, which is the best supermarket, what are the main culinary specialities of the area, which Lake should we go to at the weekends, which mountain area is best for Skiiing yet nearby.

There will be set criteria that the agent can discuss with you, but often conversation will flow, and you’ll gain an insight into how not just to survive, but how to thrive in your new city.