House search visits in Milan

One of the things that can make a new arrival feel comfortable in their new country from the first moment, is by having their own house or apartment, one that is comfortable, safe, clean and in a great location with all the required amenities.

But arriving from abroad, it is very difficult to make a decision based on these factors without knowing the location you are arriving in.

With Milan Relocations we ask you to fill in a questionnaire to determine the most important factors to the relocating individual or their family, whether it be proximity to the office, or living alongside one of the idyllic lakes. This can also help when looking to discover what the financial limits on the expat can achieve in the desired locations.

With the information gathered, we will then supply you with a list of 15 properties that are usually available on the internet, and we would request that you select four of those to go for a visit.

On these visits we will pick you up from a nearby location, and take you door to door, showing you around and letting you know any extra information you should require.